The Overture. Dedicated to Nicole Toroosian. The Nike Story™ is The untold mythical story of the Goddess Nike. Alis volat propriis. The Overture is an orchestral piece that serves as an introduction to the Musical. A basic performance of it will be available shortly. Meanwhile, please find a description of the ‘scene’ that created it. A - Scene opens with Zeus, on top of the highest mountain peak, blowing on a horn three times. It is pre-dawn. B - Around Zeus, clouds gather and are whipped up and whirl around by his gestures, it rains and nature awakes in the lands below. C - The sun rises as calmness descends and Zeus again blows his horn three times. D - We are now in a marble chamber at Nike’s bedside. We hear the three muted horns. Nike gently awakes and stretches in bed. E - Nike sits upright on her bed, as she does so a tear rolls down her cheek and she catches it and places it softly onto her pillow, closes her eyes and pauses for a moment. F - Nike wonders across her room and sits in front of a mirror. She appears sad and... G - Imperceptibly the reflection is now the reflection in water as Nike is bathing in a pool. She climbs out of the pool and her Naiad maids robe her... H - We are now facing a pair of doors that swing open and we see a beautifully-attired and beaming Nike with all grace descent a small flight of stairs into the grand hall of Olympia. I - Nike strides past a gathering of gods, who gaze at her, and goddesses, who stare and chatter with each other, and takes her place at the right of Athena, who is seated besides Zeus. J - Zeus eyes Nike lustfully, to Hera’s annoyance and to Nike’s charming  indifference. K - Breakfast takes place and then the gods depart in turn. We follow Nike as she skips out of the hall. L - Nike goes about her daily rounds. First to the temple built in her honour. Then Nike flies from place to place granting victory to those she flies by and on occasion either crowning the victorious with a reef or landing and performing a dance. All those below or around her are jubilant and unaware of her distantness. M - Nike flies off from the last of these celebrations and it is now late afternoon. Nike lands in a meadow of yellow and orange flowers in a far indistinct place. She closes her eyes and a smile appears. N - We are taken on a seemingly dream sequence. We see Nike dance in a conceptual ballet movement with joy and purpose. O - During this dance the scene begins to cloud over and Zeus appears and creeps towards Nike with ravishing intent. Zeus reaches out to her with his hands. Nike suddenly shudders and pulls herself away from his grasp and runs with Zeus in pursuit. P - Nike flies and Zeus pursues. Nike, with her glorious wings, outmaneuvers Zeus and escapes. She flies past all of those she bestowed victory upon and celebrated with until she reaches her mountain-top abode, it is the evening. Q - Nike enters her chamber and her maids greet her and one by one they depart until the last one closes the door. R - Nike disrobes herself and lies on her bed. She is weary. S - Her head is on the pillow and a tear drop falls onto the pillow. She closes her eyes and a beautiful arrangement of ‘Nightwalk’ music takes us on for the finale of the Overture.


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