Chapter Guide [Page 1]. Dedicated to Nicole Toroosian. The Nike Story™ is The untold mythical story of the Goddess Nike. Alis volat propriis. The Nike Story™ is the mythological story of the destruction of the god-inspired world fronted by the Twelve Olympians. The story revolves around the goddess Nike and her love affair with an unnamed and unknown man. 

The story comprise of ten books, three of which are outlined in this section for your understanding. The seven
remaining books have been omitted for your enjoyment.

The first book is a prologue and tells of the unnamed and unknown man’s arrival onto the mainland up until his
first encounter with the goddess Nike.

The second and third books are the authoritative and encyclopaedic ‘History’ of existence itself and all it 
encompasses. Book two tells of the creation of the world, the rule of Father Sky, followed by that of Kronos and the births and upbringings of Zeus and Nike, respectively.

Book three tells of the Titanomachy and the resultant rule of Zeus up until the events of the first book.

The fourth book begins where book one ends...

Book i: The Old Man of the Sea [The journey]

Chapter I: Taken in       	Chapter II: Telling dream
Chapter III: Townspeople  	Chapter IV: Thunder
Chapter V: Temple gates		Chapter VI: Trekking
Chapter VII: Tender thoughts

This book, narrated by the honest Old Man of the Sea, serves as a prologue to the story. The book tells of the
coming of the unnamed and unknown man to the mainland. 
In chapter one, the man is found in a boat by two sisters, Sophia and Sarra, and taken in and cared for by them.
In chapter two, the man awakes and meets his kind hosts and their scoundrel of a father. We are also taken on a journey through a dream the man has during his stay. 
In chapter three, the father, under false pretences, takes the man into town and sells him into a slave army.
In chapter four, the man is forced to a battlefront and there wins the high esteem of the commander. 
In chapter five, the army is led to the temple; the man remains at the gates and witnesses the processional 
In chapter six, the man absconds from the temple gates and is pursued over land and waterway to Mount Olympos.
In chapter seven, the man finds the one he has been searching for...


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